Doctor dressed as The Joker delivers Halloween baby (no joke)

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Halloween baby delivered by Dr Joker

While birth photos are often emotion-charged images, they can also capture the candid, unbelievable and sometimes whacky way our babies enter the world.

Like the time The Joker delivered a Halloween baby. Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up.

Halloween baby delivers a treat!

Halloween baby delivered by The Joker

Brittany Selph wasn’t due to give birth until November 5, but her baby decided a trick (and treat!) was in order on October 31. Her husband Justin explains they arrived at the medical centre in Tennessee after Brittany’s waters broke on Halloween morning.

“Brittany’s doctor came in to meet with us, and check things out. That’s when we found out he was dressed for Halloween that day, as The Joker. We found it very humorous and a little excited that we would have a baby delivered by The Joker.

“In fact, I mentioned to my wife, that I should go get some face paint and fix her up as Harley Quinn, unfortunately, I didn’t! It would have made the story that much sweeter!”

Justin Selph with doctor dressed as Joker delivered baby

Dr Joker (a.k.a  Dr Paul Locus) checked in on Brittany that afternoon, before explaining he was heading home to hand out lollies and change his clothes. “My wife said ‘Awe, we would hope that you wouldn’t change’.”

That evening when Dr Locus was called back for the final stages of labour, he turned up still dressed as The Joker.

OB dressed as The Joker

“There my wife is, staring The Joker straight in the eyes while delivering our baby, what a sight! I was holding her leg up, and snapping pictures! I was going to go Facebook Live, but the nurse cut me off!”

Doctor dressed as The Joker delivers baby on Halloween

Dr Joker delivering baby born on Halloween

The images are a mixture of hilarious and just a little creepy thanks to the dark backdrop of the delivery room.

Doctor in Joker costume delivers baby

It seems Dr Joker has a pretty good sense of humour, posing for snaps and then returning the next day for a visit and a bit of humour.

“He said, ‘Sorry I couldn’t make it in last night, glad to see the delivery went well.’ Joking of course. He also gave her a card of congratulations, and he signed it ‘Dr. Joker’.”

Doctor dressed as The Joker delivers baby

Congratulations Brittany and Justin on the arrival of baby Oaklyn – she’s certainly got quite the story to tell!

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