Kids party game ‘pass-the-parcel’ gets a makeover

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kids party pass the parcel toy box

Is pass the parcel actually difficult enough to justify a hack? Well, yes. In our humble opinion, it is. It’s not the actual act of putting together the parcel; the whole wrapping and sticking part can be kind of fun. The difficulty usually lies in getting the right amount of gifts in the right order, then in remembering said order.

Anyone who has ever hosted a kids’ party knows that the figuring out how many kids will be playing the game is near impossible. There are so many variables; kids can get sick, siblings can come along, someone can have a tanty and refuse to play…and so on.

And then there’s the remembering-the-order-and-keeping-count issue. Yup, maths isn’t our fine point and remembering what layer we are on plus how many layers there are left can surprisingly difficult in the heat of the sugar-filled moment.

We realise some people are organised types and these things just work for them. But they do not work for us. Like ever.



STEP 1. Find a box – make it look pretty.

STEP 2. Fill it with all the things that you were going to put in the pass the parcel.

STEP 3. Get the kids to pass it around the circle and when the music stops, let them pick something from the haul.

*Bonus points*

You can actually wrap each item in the box, lucky-dip-style and that works too.

*Double Bonus points*

Find somewhere in your house for the box to live throughout the year and every time your kid brings a party bag home, eats all the lollies then casts the toys aside (bubbles, yoyo’s, plastic snakes etc) just put them in the box.

By the time your kid’s party rolls around again you will have enough stuff gathered for a brand new pass the parcel or piñata. Recycling!

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