8 clever change tables with open shelves

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Incy Interiors Teeny Change Table open shelves

Wriggle, wiggle, giggle – it’s time for a nappy change! Easy access is a must when searching for nappies and bum cream with your one free hand. So we’ve tracked down some of the most practical (and beautiful) change tables with open shelves that have lots of storage, all within easy reach.

Here are eight clever change tables with open shelves.

Ikea Gulliver Changing Table

Ikea Gulliver Changing Table with shelves

A great budget option just add a few caddies to the Ikea Gulliver Changing Table ($99) and keep nappies sorted.

Harlem Change Table

Hugs Factory Harlem change table with storage drawer

The ultimate change table for compact nurseries, the Harlem Change Table ($600) punches well above its weight. A large draw means easy access to nappy change essentials, and beautiful design means it can continue life as a cabinet or TV unit once nappy change days are over.

Teeny Change Table

Incy Interiors Teeny Change Table with shelves

A masterstroke of design, the Teeny Change Table ($499) proves clean lines and minimalist aesthetic don’t mean compromising on storage. Everything is within each reach thanks to three exposed shelves.

BZBX Changing Tower

BZBX changing tower with open shelf

This showstopper combines handy storage compartments with opening shelves. And the BZBX Changing Tower ($999) also transforms into a children’s tent when nappy changing days are over.

Grotime Duke Change Table

Grotime Duke change table with pullout shelf

The Grotime Duke Change Table ($399.95) has a drawer/shelf hybrid for easy access storage – the sliding shelf can be slid out from either side of the table.

Leander Linea Change Table

Leander Linea baby change table

A triumph of beauty, the Leander Linea Change Table ($899.95) is a stunner, with substance. A tray within grabbing distance is perfect for stowing nappies and creams. A lower tray gives more space for teethers and distraction toys.

Boori Three Tier Changer

Boori change table with shelves

Not only is this beauty heaving with shelf space, the Boori Three Tier Changer ($229.95) is also on wheels so makes life so much easier if you need a portable change station.

It’s worth remembering that there are no Australian standards for baby change tables. Here are Choice’s recommended safe change tables.

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