A clever coverlet with a hidden secret

Pillow Talk Toot Toot Coverlet

On any given day an imaginative toddler’s bed can be a boat, an island, a haven from the world and thanks to this clever coverlet, even a racetrack.

By night the reversible Pillow Talk Toot Toot Coverlet is a treasure trove of transport with trains, planes, automobiles and even spaceships taking flight on a calming grey background. But by day, this coverlet will really get their hearts racing!

Reversible kids coverlet with cars playmat

Just flip it over and it becomes a huge playmat with a roadmap ready for racing little cars around. Either leave it on the bed to help coax little ones to their afternoon nap or unfurl it onto the ground for a cushy spot to play cars. The whimsical, hand-drawn roads, buildings and trees are the perfect imagination kick-starters, just add cars and they’re good to go!

Kids quilt cover sets

Transport not quite your kid’s jam? Then take a virtual stroll through the unique range of bed adornments from Pillow Talk. From unicorn dreams to relaxing Hawaiian vibes, these are the dreamy and fanciful quilt cover sets that will take a junior bedroom to the next level.

These quilt covers are designed by mums who know what kids love, so they not only look the bomb, they’re made to be inviting. Who wouldn’t want to hop under the cover of one of these sumptuous sleep nests?

For more beauties to adorn your kiddo’s bed, head to Pillow Talk and view their lookbook.