Mum soothes teething pain with genius ‘milksicle’

Posted in Teething Advice.

Baby teether made from breast milk

Is there a little toothless tiger growling in discomfort at your place? Then you’re going to love this clever teething hack (and so will your bub!).

American mum Tasia Edwards sent the social media world into a spin when she posted a video of her son happily sucking on an icy pole made of breastmilk. Tasia explained in the caption that it not only soothes his teething pain but helps feed his tummy.

Such a simple idea, and perfect for the hot summer months. There are some other really simple things to try to soothe a teething baby:

  • Use a frozen bottle nipple (pop it in the bottle so baby can hold it)
  • Ice in a new sock
  • A frozen face washer (just wet half of it before popping it into the freezer, so baby has a section to hold)
  • Frozen cucumber slices

Just keep in mind your baby’s age and the potential for choking hazards. If none of these tickles your fancy, take a look at these adorable baby teethers to soothe sore gums.

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