The labour-inducing pizza that promises to bring on labour

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Pizza that induces labour

Mums at the pointy end of pregnancy will try just about anything to bring on labour – from nipple stimulation to acupuncture. But how about chowing down on a pizza known as The Inducer?

The spicy slice of heaven has become the stuff of legend, thanks to its labour inducing abilities. Overdue women in America are flocking to Hawthorne’s NY Pizza & Bar’s eight locations to snaffle a slice of their Buffalo Chicken Pizza, which is now known as The Inducer.

Bring it on: the labour-inducing pizza

Spicy labour inducing pizza

Seven years ago Ali Aldrich indulged in one of the saucy pizzas, and just ten hours later gave birth to her daughter. At the time, she joked the pizza had sent her into labour, but perhaps there was some truth to the tale. Just a few weeks later her pregnant neighbour also tried the pizza.

“They ordered the pizza and were at their house eating, and she went into the bathroom and her water broke,” Ali told PEOPLE.

Since then, pregnant women have been dining on the delight in the hopes of meeting their baby, and for many, it’s worked a treat. The restaurant’s Facebook page has dozens of baby pictures to prove it – many new mums saying they’d given birth just hours after eating the pizza.

What’s the recipe?

The Inducer is topped with grilled chicken, mozzarella and a spicy house-made Buffalo Wing sauce (which is, of course, a secret recipe hailing from Honduras).

Spicy food has often been linked to bringing on labour, so perhaps that’s where the secret lies.

While there’s actually no scientific proof that certain foods can induce labour, many women swear by eating pineapple, eggplant parmesan and liquorice as well as spicy foods. Here are 10 ways to start labour naturally – which may be old wive’s tales, or may just work!

(Images: Erin Yeager and Ashley Fleming)

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