Turia Pitt welcomes her beautiful baby boy

Turia Pitt Baby

The effervescent Turia Pitt is a mummy. The inspirational Aussie athlete has had us all in stitches with her pregnancy humour, and we’re so excited that her little Christmas jellybean has arrived.

The new mumma has welcomed a bouncing baby boy Hakavai Hoskin.

Welcome to the world Hakavai Hoskin 💙

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The 30-year-old suffered burns to 65 percent of her body after becoming caught in a grass fire during an ultramarathon in Western Australia in 2011. Since then she’s used her profile to help kids and teens feel confident both inside and out.

Turia and fiancé Michael Hoskin let Australia into their pregnancy with regular cheeky posts that have had us in stitches, right up to the final stages of pregnancy.

“No no, I’m not pregnant, I’m just wearing a dress with horizontal stripes” 😂

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Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone’s got one.

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The best way to predict your future is to create it ~ Abraham Lincoln

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Found myself a new rock.

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