Make: Easy-peasy, super-cute koala biscuits

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Quick koala cookies

Ah, Australia – a sunburnt land of boundless plains and the strangest (but oh-so-cute) creatures on the planet. We’re celebrating Australia Day with the easiest, tastiest and most adorable koala biscuits you ever did see.

No bake, minimal fuss but heaps of fun for the kids, you’ve probably got everything you need for these fair dinkum, you-beaut treats in your pantry. So whip out the Marie biscuits and gather the kids. It’s time to get your Aussie Day bake on!


Koala cookies ingredients

1 pack of Marie biscuits (or whatever plain bikkies your kids like)
Some desiccated coconut
Icing sugar
Pink marshmallows, cut in half
Black food colouring
Chocolate covered almonds (or if your kids are too little for nuts, try dates or sultanas)
Candy decorations (eyes, bow ties, lips etc)


The only thing you actually have to ‘make’ for this recipe is the icing.

1. Measure out a couple of cups of icing sugar (you don’t really need to be precise).
2. Pop in a teeny drop of black colouring (you want the icing to turn out grey).
3. Add water to the icing mix a teaspoon at a time, until it’s smooth and a little runny.
4. Spread the icing onto the biscuit.
5. Sprinkle with coconut.

Making koala biscuits

6. Roll the sides of the cut marshmallows in icing then in coconut, before placing them onto the iced bikkie.

Easy koala biscuits

7. Add eyes, almond nose and any other cute decorations you have. Let the kids go crazy!
8. Eat!

Koala biscuits Australia Day

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