Sweet slumbers swinging gently in the Leander Cradle

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Leander Cradle with tripod

The rocking motion in a mum’s tum soothes babes before they’re born. So it’s only natural that a newborn will be lulled to sleep swinging in a cradle without fuss.

A thing of beauty, the Leander Cradle suspends from the ceiling for elegant nursery slumber or from a tripod for portable napping. Baby birds are rocked in their little nest that’s able to sway in every direction.

The genius of the Leander Cradle is in its simplicity.

Leander Cradle with tripod

A stirring baby causes the oval cradle to begin swaying – and it may just be enough to soothe and self-settle for another sleep cycle. Newborns love to be in the safe confines of a snuggly cuddle, which is exactly what the cradle provides.

Leander Cradle for newborns

The beautifully-crafted sleep space is made from cotton and folds down for easy storage. The cradle is machine washable and comes with a superior-quality breathable mattress and comes with ceiling straps and a ceiling hook so it can literally become the centre of the nursery.

A timeless classic with a modern twist, the Leander Cradle gives baby a gently hug, while rocking them to sleep.

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Leander Cradle with canopy

And the cradle is so swoon-worthy, it’s been designed to be used throughout the home. The tripod adds a sense of presence to any room – a true throne for a little prince or princess. Throw on the Leander Cradle Canopy for soft filtered light and to hide anything stimulating in the room.

It’s a seamless continuation of womb-time relaxation, the ideal sleep zone for the fourth trimester.

The Leander Cradle is available from Danish by Design ($379.95).


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