13 clever ways to keep babies cool in summer

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Ways to keep baby cool in summer

Flushed cheeks, a damp neck and grumpy grumbles are all signs that bub is feeling the heat, and fortunately, there are ways to take the sting out of summer. From spending the day in a cool shopping centre to making a few adjustments around the home, there are plenty of things you can do to keep babies cool and escape the heat.

Here are 13 practical things you can do to keep babies cool on hot days.

1. Frozen face washer

Wet a face washer and freeze it, then let bub suck on the cloth. Not only does it keep them cool, it helps soothe gums for little teethers.

2. Cool sheets

Help drop the temperature in the nursery without needing to put on the A/C by hanging a wet sheet in front of a window. The breeze will cool the air coming into the room.

3. Comfortable clothing

Dress little ones in lightweight, loose clothing made from a natural fibre, like cotton, linen or bamboo. If they’re hot, just wearing a nappy will give them a cool change, but use for long sleeves and long pants when outdoors in the sun.

4. Icy fan

If you don’t have aircon, this trick is a ripper. Place a bowl of ice in front of a fan to drop the temperature coming from it dramatically. Just find a comfy possie in front of the fan with bub and relax.

5. Frozen fruit and milk

For babies on solids, freeze fruit pieces and give them something cool to suck on. Frozen bananas and orange segments are a couple of cool ideas. For even smaller bubs, you can freeze breastmilk in icy pole containers and help them suck on the cooling treat. Just watch for any larger pieces that might break off.

6. Wet towel trick

Try hanging wet towels over chairs, as the water evaporates it will hopefully cool the room.

7. Cool the nursery

Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day so that the nursery stays as cool as possible. Then give the fan a quick burst to get the air circulating (just make sure it’s not pointing right at Bubba). Placing big bottles of frozen water in the nursery might help cool it down overnight.

The ideal sleeping temperature is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius, so a room thermometer is a great way to keep track of things.

8. Stay hydrated

Just like for grown-ups, it’s important to keep babies’ liquids up in summer. Bubs under six months only need milk to stay hydrated, and they’ll probably want to feed more often in hot weather. Older babies drink water as well, so regular sips of H2O will help them manage the heat.

9. Find the shade

To keep direct sunlight off bubba and keep them cool, look for the shielding power of trees, pram canopies, hats and umbrellas.

10. Tepid water

If bub’s skin feels hot to the touch, then run a lukewarm bath or fill up a paddling pool. This is a great way to refresh tiny tots, and a quick dip before bed will work wonders too.

11. Find the cool

If your house is just too hot and being outside isn’t an option, head to your nearest library, shopping centre or coffee shop with airconditioning. Keep cool and take a break with a cold drink.

12. Tips for sleep

Balmy nights call for cotton sheets and light bedclothes. A nappy with or without a vest is ok, just check that they’re not too cool later in the night. Plus, waterproof sheets don’t ‘breathe’ like cotton, so think about stripping these off when the mercury hits a high point.

13. Water play

Get out the sprinkler or get creative with a water play activity. And don’t forget to join in the fun, mums get hot too!

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