5 hiking baby carriers for treking with little ones

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If you love the great outdoors, adventuring with your child doesn’t have to slow you down – the key to avoiding aching arms or endless piggybacks is a comfortable hiking baby carrier.

A hiking baby carrier is a framed wearable backpack with a built-in seat for babies and kids to sit comfortably in. Heavier and more robust than soft carriers, they feature adjustable straps, padding in all the right places and handy storage pockets for hiking essentials. These special packs let you travel hands-free while your little explorer enjoys the ride.

Whether you’re off on a serious trek or just a fun family day out, hit the trail with confidence with one of Australia’s top baby hiking backpacks.

Best backpack hiking baby carriers

5 handy hiking carriers for adventures with baby

To help you find the right hiking backpack for adventures with your mini, we’ve curated a fab list of brands available in Australia.

In no particular order, here are 5 hiking carriers for trekking with baby:


Karinjo baby hiking backpack carrier

Kathmandu Karinjo Hiking Baby Carrier ($449.98)

Featuring a quick-adjust adult harness and a padded, adjustable saddle, the Karinjo is a comfy backpack designed for ease of use. A contoured hip belt helps reduce fatigue – perfect for all-day adventures.

Note: Please be aware there was a recall on the Kathmandu Karinjo Child Carrier.

“Today we used this backpack for the first time and we loved it. It’s very light, comfortable to wear and my daughter kept on smiling, so I guess she also enjoyed the adventure.”


Osprey Karinjo baby hiking backpack carrier

Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier (from $382.16)

The Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier is just what you need on a sunny day. The mesh harness and back panel allow airflow around your back and hips for helping to keep you and your kiddo cool. It also features an easy-use built-in sunshade that can be stowed when not needed.

“This is a great carrier and has pretty much everything you could need. The built-in sunshade is great, the numerous pockets are really handy, the whole thing is super comfortable for both the child and the parent, and it is really easy to adjust for different height parents and children.”


macpac baby hiking backpack carrier

Macpac Vamoose V2 Child Hiking Carrier $499.99

Strong and durable, the Macpac Vamoose V2 holds up to 20kg and features a three-stage hook-n-clip system that ‘grows’ with your child. It also comes with a Sombrero sunshade and Rainbow rain cover, with an optional child neck pillow for added comfort.


mont-bambino Osprey Karinjo baby hiking backpack carrier

Mont Bambino Carrier ($399.95)

Built with babies in mind, the Mont Bambino features child shoulder straps and a front dribble pad that can be removed for washing. It also includes a small hand mirror for quick baby checks. Clever!


Panda Child Backpack Carrier ($390)

The Panda Child Backpack Carrier puts the ‘pack’ in backpack. Featuring 7 pockets and up to 15 litres of storage space, you’ll have no problem carrying your kiddo and all the extras you need for a big day out. It also comes with a one-month worry-free return policy so you can shop with peace of mind.

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