Award winning birth photos of 2018 revealed

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Dominique Lamontagne Photography

The way a photo can forever pause one of the most incredible moments in a woman’s life is like nothing else. All the emotion, every heart-stopping second captured – it’s like a time capsule of memories.

Birth Becomes Her has just completed its photography contest, to uncover the best birth photos of the past year. And they are breathtaking. From the beautiful clear-drape c-section to the overall winner: the water birth that had the whole world talking. Two amazing Australian photographers were also recognised in these unique awards.

Here are the winners of the Birth Becomes Her 2018 Photo Contest – a snapshot of triumphant births, sweet moments, sheer power and gentle love.

Overall winner: Stunning Siblings First Encounter

Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie copy

via Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie

Best Maternity: This is what a Goddess Looks Like

Jen Conway Photography

via Jen Conway Photography 

Labour Winner: Nowhere and Everywhere

Rebecca Coursey Photography

via Rebecca Coursey Photography

Birth Winner: Half Born and Already Reaching for Mama

Brisbane Birth Photography

via Brisbane Birth Photography 

Fresh/Postpartum Winner: This is VBAC

Fox Valley Birth and Baby

via Fox Valley Birth and Baby

Breastfeeding Winner: Within Reach

Ebb and Flow Photography

via Ebb and Flow Photography

Maternity People’s Choice Winner: Staying Afloat

Benzel Photography

via Benzel Photography

Labour People’s Choice Winner: Three Souls Labour As One

Esther Edith Photography

via Esther Edith Photography

Birth People’s Choice Winner: Transition to Earth

Caroline Devulder birth photography

via Caroline Devulder

Fresh/Postpartum People’s Choice Winner: Success

NEO Photography

Via NEO Photography

Breastfeeding People’s Choice Winner: A Hush Fell Over The Crowd

Gabriella Hunt Photography

via Gabriella Hunt Photography

Labour Second Place: Labor by Candlelight

shley Marston Photography

via Ashley Marston Photography

Birth Second Place: Fist Bump for Mum

Ker-Fox Photography

via Ker-Fox Photography

Breastfeeding Second Place: Tranquility

Fox Valley Birth and Baby

via Fox Valley Birth and Baby

Fresh/Postpartum Second Place: Rebirth

Lacey Barratt Photography

via Lacey Barratt Photography

Maternity Third Place:“A Mother’s Love

Vanessa Mendez Photography

via Vanessa Mendez Photography

Labour Third Place: Before the Cut

Laura Cate Photography

via Laura Cate Photography

Birth Third Place: Caught in Between Worlds

Dominique Lamontagne Photography

via Dominique Lamontagne Photography

Fresh/Postpartum Third Place: Postpartum Uncensored

Austin Birth Photos

via Austin Birth Photos

Breastfeeding Third Place: Stir Fry

Christina Benton Photography

via Christina Benton Photography 

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And make sure you watch these beautiful clear drape c-section images:

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