8 creative ways to display an ultrasound photo

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how to use baby ultrasound scan photo

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat and seeing their little smudge on a grainy black and white screen is a magical moment. You might not be able to work out much of what you’re seeing, but it’s real – you’re going to be a mum.

But once your checkup is over and you leave with your little folder of ultrasound scans, what do you do with baby’s first pic? Don’t just stick it on the fridge – get creative.

To give you a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up seven cute ways to display your baby’s first ultrasound photo.

1. Make an announcement

use baby ultrasound scan photo as pregnancy announcement

It seems obvious, but your first scan is the perfect way to announce to the world that you’re having a baby! You could just email it out, but with a little effort, you could include your bub in their first photo shoot with mum and dad.

2. Double trouble

use baby ultrasound scan photo with sibling

If this is baby number two, pose your firstborn with the pic. It makes a great announcement or a gorgeous first photo of your growing family.

3. A stitch in time

Ultrasound embroidery

A custom-made ultrasound embroidery is the ultimate for craft-lovers. Part memory, part art, it’s an heirloom piece capturing the threads that stitch your new family together.

4. The perfect gift

use baby ultrasound scan photo as gift

Frame the photo with a special message and turn your announcement into the perfect surprise gift for grandma. Be sure to video the moment she opens her gift and realises what the surprise really is.

5. Made with art

use baby ultrasound scan photo as artwork

Gather all your scans together on a sleek black canvas and make your own artwork to keep your bub on permanent display. Hang it above your bed for sweet dreams all night long.

6. Baby shower keepsake

Ultrasound baby shower guest book

Cherish the memories with family and friends and use the framed pic as a ‘guest book’ for your baby shower. Get your guests to sign their name and write some special wishes for your cherub. (via Project Nursery)

7. Your baby’s journey

use baby ultrasound scan photo as shadow box

Once bub has arrived, gather together all their newborn mementos, like their scan, first footprint and going home outfit, for a picture perfect shadow box.

8. Baby’s first photo

use baby ultrasound scan photo as newborn photoshoot

Keep your scan for your bub’s newborn photoshoot and compare just how far they’ve come – and it’s only the beginning!


(Top image via Quite Frankly She Said)

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