PEEjamas: a night toilet training secret weapon

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Kickstarter PEEjamas toilet trainers

If your toddler has mastered daytime toilet stops but still needs a bit of help at night, these smart pjs will help banish the night nappies quick smart.

Holding up to ten times their weight in liquid, the clever PEEjamas have extra fabric that catches and absorbs any accidents. They feel just like normal jammies, so you can kick the nappies and late-night sheet changes goodbye.

A clean way to toilet train at night

PEEjamas potty training pjs

Created by a dad who’d had one too many sleepy sheet changes and used way too many pull-up nappies.

PEEjamas are made from absorbent fabric that contains accidents, stops wet sheets, stained mattresses and any need for nighttime nappies.

Potty training pjs

The makers of PEEjamas are pretty sure that kids toilet train quicker because they don’t have a nappy on. They’re also a bit of a money saver – apparently, it’s 66 per cent cheaper to buy PEEjamas than use nappies regularly at night.

It’s also better for the environment – less nappies used means less landfill. So you can feel warm and fuzzy while your tot stays warm and dry. Besides all of that, PEEjamas are pretty cute, the stripes and patterns are all unisex.

Available online from Brolly Sheets.

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