The safest way to wear a seatbelt when pregnant

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driving car okay when pregnant

Getting your preggo belly behind the wheel can be a little tricky in the last few weeks. But that’s no excuse not to buckle up that bump.

Way too many pregnant Australian women aren’t wearing their seatbelts properly because they think it’s going to hurt the baby. With the help of Queensland Health here’s how it should be done so that both you and your bub have a safe ride.

Pregnant women not buckling up

Mums-to-be in Queensland were recently quizzed about how they wear their seatbelts, and almost 50 per cent believed their bub would be hurt in an accident if they wore their seatbelt – so many aren’t wearing seatbelts at all.

Queensland Health says with every kilometre per hour of speed, the risk of injury to mum and unborn bub increases hugely without a seatbelt. The risk is reduced when wearing a seatbelt, but it’s even safer when that seatbelt is worn the right way.

Belt below the bump

The experts say the safest and most comfortable way to correctly wear a seatbelt is with the lap belt below the baby bump, and the sash needs to be between the breasts and over the bump – not across.

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Driving when pregnant safety tips:

  • Make sure you’re at least 25 cms away from the steering wheel
  • Sit back in the seat so that if you’re in a crash your forward movement is reduced and the airbag is
    able to inflate correctly
  • Remove thick jumpers or coats if they make the seatbelt slide up
  • Never wear the shoulder strap under your arm or behind your back
  • Adjust the angle of the seatbelt and seat so that the seatbelt does not cut across your neck
  • Make sure the seatbelt lies flat, is not twisted and fits firmly
  • Don’t use a cushion between your body and the seatbelt
  • Adjust the seat so that you are as far away from the steering wheel and dashboard as possible and can still reach the pedals comfortably

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