The Easter bunny cream tart we can’t stop drooling over

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Easter bunny cream tart

Easter biscuits, check. Chocolate eggs, check. Edible flowers, check. Our Easter dreams have come true with this beautiful bunny cream tart by Love Swah.

Not satisfied with just one layer of decadence, this delicious Easter creation is comprised of two melt-in-the-mouth layers of bunny-shaped shortbread and a wickedly good white-chocolate ganache.

Is it as difficult as it looks? No. Are we frantically drooling? Yes.

Easter Bunny Cream Tart

Easter bunny cream tart

The shortbread itself is a cinch to make. Simply roll out your dough and follow the bunny template provided. Do this step the day before and give yourself extra eating time come Easter Sunday!

Once cooled, pipe the bunny shortbread with ganache let your little chicks decorate to their heart’s content.

Easter bunny shortbread cake

Positioned next to a few little baskets of beautifully decorated Easter eggs, this dessert will take your Easter table to a whole other level.

For the full recipe, jump on over to Love Swah to see how it’s done.

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