Easter carrot cake: The only cake you need to bake this Easter

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Forget the chocolate, forget the eggs – this cute creation from Casablanca Cooks will guarantee happy bunnies with happy tummies this Easter.

Three lovely layers of dense carrot cake are sandwiched together with a velvety, vanilla cream cheese frosting before being finished with a coat of fabulous fondant icing. YUM.

Easter Carrot Cake

From batter to baked in just 30 minutes, it’s an easy Easter bake for family gatherings. And if that wasn’t enough to sway you into the kitchen, the kids can help out too! Simply roll the fondant icing out flat and your mini Masterchefs can prepare the sweet bunny cut-outs for you.

For the full recipe, hop on over to Casablanca Cooks to see how it’s done.

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