Mums reveal their freaky (and funny) ultrasound images

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funny ultrasound images

Getting those black and white, grainy images from your ultrasound halfway through pregnancy is a heart-stopping moment. You finally get to see your bub again, and look how much they’ve grown.

But for these mums, their hearts skipped a beat for a whole different reason. Members of Facebook pregnancy groups have been sharing their freaky and funny ultrasound images, and we’re in hysterics. Rest assured all of these little cherubs are perfectly healthy, they just decided to channel their horror movie heroes during their ultrasound.

Here are our favourite funny ultrasound images.

I can see you!

Scary ultrasound images

Front on and freaky.

Now do you believe in aliens?

Babies looking like aliens in ultrasound images

Even this little one’s mum couldn’t help but see a little alien in the dark.

Floating head

Creepy ultrasound images

There’s body in there somewhere.

Flipping the bird

Baby giving the bird in ultrasound

This little angel has no problem letting the world know how they’re feeling.

Hello there!

Freaky ultrasound images

This mum swears her waving bub is channelling Deadpool.

Peace out!

Funny and strange ultrasound pics

This little alien lookalike comes in peace, man.

Watching from the inside

Scary ultrasound image

Because when you’re pregnant, you’re never really alone.


Mums reveal strange ultrasound pictures

I see you.

Here’s looking at you, kid

Freaky ultrasound images

Don’t mind me, just staring into your soul.

Thanks to our Mum’s Grapevine Due Date Group members for having such a great sense of humour! Remember if you have a bub, or are pregnant come and find your tribe.

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