The Bunnings find every mum-to-be is talking about

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pregnant woman in the shower

A mum-to-be buy with a difference, we promise you’ll be thanking the lucky stars you stumbled upon this pregnancy hack.

Mum’s Grapevine Due Date Group members are raving about their sanity-saving Bunnings find. Yes, we said Bunnings. Showering when heavily pregnant is a task in itself, but trying to shave your legs or – ahem – anywhere else, forget it.

Unless you have one of these beauties.

Bunnings shower chair for pregnancy

It’s a freestanding shower chair, and it’s the comfiest and safest way to shower and shave when expecting. The non-slip seat and feet mean you’re safe as houses while enjoying the sweet, sweet relief of water on your baby bump.

Evacare Freestanding Shower Chair
The Evacare Freestanding Shower Chair ($79) is available from Bunnings.

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