This is the size of the wound left in a uterus after birth

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Grab a side plate from your kitchen and place it on your belly. That is the size of the wound left on your uterus after you’ve given birth. Incredible isn’t it?

It’s where the placenta (which averages 22cm in diameter) was attached to the uterus, and it’s the reason for the discharge (or lochia) women experience after giving birth. It’s also the reason why women are told to rest for four to six weeks after having a baby – that wound needs to heal!

If you’re doing too much too soon after giving birth, your body will let you know by passing more bright red blood from the wound.

size of the hole left by the placenta after birth

The placenta is the only organ that is created and expelled – which is mindblowing to think about. Not only do we give birth, but we also lose an organ. The wound site is where a mum loses about a tenth of her total blood volume during and after birth.

So, mums who’ve just given birth – share this with your loved ones and fellow mums and mums-to-be. It’s yet another really important reason to look after yourself and take it easy after having a bub. One of the most nurturing ways to look after your post-baby body is to take care of your suddenly empty womb. Have a read about the fascinating state of Vata and how to replenish the empty space, as explained by our expert birth educator.

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