Survival kit: 6 after birth must-haves for down there

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Your hospital bag is packed. But is it really packed?

There are a few amazing little inclusions that should be in every mum-to-be’s post-birth survival kit. Things that will help soothe the pain down there and keep everything feeling fresh while you’re still in hospital. Some you can whip up yourself, others just need a quick online shop – so add them to your pre-baby prep list.

Here are six postpartum must-haves for new mums.

Everyone tells you: Your vagina will be sore

How to make a homemade postpartum pad

No one tells you: Do-it-yourself soothing pads will help your lady bits

Your vagina will need a whole lot of love after waving hello and goodbye to your baby. So take good care of her with a super soothing postpartum padsicle. You can make it yourself and will find it gives you blissful relief and help numb the area a little.

Make your own using our instructions for homemade postpartum padsicles.

Everyone tells you: You’ll be scared to poo after birth

No one tells you: Stool softeners and fibre are a godsend

Talk to your doctor or midwife when you’re getting close to your due date about what you can have after birth to help ease the squeeze of your first bowel movement. Don’t worry if you forget, hospitals are stocked with what you need to make your first postpartum poo a little easier to pass.

Everyone tells you: You might tear, graze or have your perineum cut

After birth peri bottle and herbs

No one tells you: A peri bottle spray might help heal and reduce inflammation

A little peri spray bottle ($4) filled with herbal goodness ($28) can give your poor torn and sore perineum some sweet relief. A blend of anti-inflammatory, soothing, antiseptic and wound healing herbs can help with postnatal swelling and tears as well as haemorrhoids.

A blend made up of Calendula, Chamomile, Comfrey, Himalayan Sea Salt, Lavender, Rosemary can have anti-inflammatory, soothing, antiseptic and wound healing properties.

Everyone tells you: You’ll be sore down there

No one tells you: Baby wipes will ease the burn on the loo

Wipes are sensitive on a toddler’s bum so of course, they’ll be perfect for your healing lady bits too.

Everyone tells you: You’ll bleed

No one tells you: Adult nappies are AMAZING

Adult nappies ($12.74) are just like pads but have quite a bit more coverage. Not the most glamorous look but as long as you’re comfy, that’s all that matters.

Everyone tells you: You’ll probably ruin your underwear

modibodi leak proof underwear

No one tells you: Super absorbent underwear is a thing

If you’re not keen on wearing matching nappies with your bub, get awesome undies to hold it all together. Mums who have been there and done that will probably tell you to stock up on cheap nickers you can throw away once ruined. But if you’re a little more concerned about adding to landfill try really absorbent underwear like modibodi (from $25).

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