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From little things, big things grow. So although your bubs little hands and feet may seem impossibly small now, in a blink of an eye their not-so-tiny toes will be all grown up and leaving home.

You cant make time stand still, but baby hand and foot prints can capture that special moment in time when your little one has the world at their feet. And BABYInk‘s Ink-less Print Kits are an easy, safe and fuss-free way to make your own precious keepsake to treasure for years to come.

Wipe, press, no mess

Everything you need to make your pint-sized print comes in one handy box.

Simply wipe your cherub’s hand or foot with the included inkless wipe, press their little digits onto the specially treated paper and then watch it develop before your eyes. Totally mess-free, it’s the easiest  – and most treasured – work of art you’ll ever create!

Prints charming

BabyInk prints colours

Using certified non-toxic and child safe materials, the ink-less prints are suitable to use from birth.

Available in soft grey, baby blue, ballet pink and black, there’s a print to suit every style. The kits are also available as gift box special edition, perfect for Mother’s Day or a baby shower present.BabyInk Mother's Day card

Or try creating a beautiful milestone book for your bub’s first birthday – just purchase multiple packs of BABYink’s Ink-less print kits so that you can track and capture your baby’s growth month to month.

Ink-less print kits ($19.95) are available from BABYInk with free shipping.


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