5 mouth-watering mocktails for expecting mummas

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Mummy Mocktails

Now that you’re pregnant, your Friday nights may feel a little quieter (and clearer) than they used to. Sure, you won’t be propping up the bar anytime soon, but just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to let go of those fun #fridayfeels.

With a little help from our friends at aquamamma, we’ve created five mummy mocktails for you to cheers your way through pregnancy – and they’ve all been tried and tested in the Mum’s Grapevine kitchen. They’re full of healthy hydration, low in sugar and set to quench that never-ending mummy thirst.


Mumosa mummy mocktail

This sparkling glass of happiness is usually made with champagne and citrus juice, so we’re ditching the champers but not the bubbles! You’ll still get a refreshing hit and a nose-tickling treat with this twist on a Mimosa.

“The citrus flavours and amount of bubbles are just right. You’d have no idea it was missing the champagne.” – Louise, Mum’s Grapevine

Mumosa Ingredients

2/3 cup aquamamma orange
1/2 cup of sparkling mineral water
Juice of 1/2 an orange or blood orange
Sprig of rosemary (optional)
Slices of fresh orange or blood orange and rosemary for garnish


Step 1: Pour aquamamma orange into a chilled champagne glass.
Step 2: Squeeze in the juice of half an orange.
Step 3: (Optional) Crush the leaves of a sprig of rosemary in a mortar and pestle really well, then add to the juice and aquamamma.
Step 4: Top with sparkling mineral water.
Step 5: Decorate glass with slices of fresh orange and rosemary sprigs.


Virgin S’angria

sangria sunset mummy mocktail

Olé! A punch of Spanish origin, Sangria traditionally teams red wine with chopped fruit, juice and sugar. This fruity version avoids the extra sugar and has all the goodness of cranberry juice, fruit and of course a dash of aquamamma for a berry boost!

“The addition of chopped fruit and ice are key to getting this one right. I instantly felt like I was on holiday.” – Louise, Mum’s Grapevine

Virgin S’angria Ingredients

1 cup aquamamma mixed berry
1/4 cup of sparkling mineral water
1/4 cup of cranberry juice
1/2 an orange, sliced into half-moons
1/4 apple, chopped


Step 1: Add chopped apple, orange slices and ice to a large glass.
Step 2: Add aquamamma berry and cranberry juice.
Step 3: Top with sparkling mineral water and gently stir.
Step 4: Decorate glass with a slice of orange.

This is brilliant to share, and it’s easy to make an entire jug. Just multiply each ingredient by four.


Morning Mule

A cocktail with kick the Moscow Mule pairs ginger beer and vodka, but this bump-friendly version takes it to a whole new level. Give morning sickness the flick with our fabulously clever Morning Mule, which is packing a hit of fresh ginger and lime.

“Seriously refreshing. Lemon, lime and ginger are a killer combo – I wouldn’t change a thing.” – Louise, Mum’s Grapevine.

Morning Mule Ingredients

1/2 cup aquamamma lemon
1 inch piece of fresh ginger, sliced
1/3 cup of ginger beer
1/2 a lime, sliced
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Fresh mint leaves


Step 1: Fill a tumbler glass halfway with ice, fresh ginger and slices of lime (reserving one for decoration).
Step 2: Add aquamamma lemon, ginger ale and fresh lime juice.
Step 3: Stir gently and decorate top with a twist of lime and a sprig of fresh mint.


Bump on the Beach

Bump on the Beach

A cheeky beverage swimming in vodka, peach schnapps and fruit juice, we’re giving Sex on the Beach the flick in favour of a mouthwatering mum-friendly version. Boosted by a hit of aquamamma orange, Bump on the Beach is a glittering way to cheers to mummyhood.

“Amazing to watch the orange and cranberry slowly mix. Like a sunset in a glass!” – Louise, Mum’s Grapevine

Bump on the Beach Ingredients

1/2 cup aquamamma orange
1/3 cup of cranberry juice
1/4 cup of soda water
Juice of half an orange
Glacè cherry to serve


Step 1: Fill a tall glass with ice.
Step 2: Add aquamamma orange, cranberry juice and the fresh orange juice.
Step 3: Top with soda water and garnish the glass with a glacè cherry.



The traditional Mojito is all about freshness and fun, and we’re keeping the party going with our Mummajito. Swap out the rum for aquamamma lemon and a hint of lime and mint.

“This tastes like the real deal and even my partner thought he was drinking a proper mojito!” – Louise, Mum’s Grapevine

Mummajito Ingredients

2/3 cup aquamamma lemon
1/3 cup of soda water
1tbs fresh mint leaves
1/2 a lime, juiced
1/2 tsp rapadura sugar
1 wedge of lime


Step 1: Using a mortar and pestle, crush mint leaves, lime juice and rapadura sugar into a paste.
Step 2: Fill a tumbler glass halfway with ice.
Step 3: Spoon mint paste over ice then top with aquamamma lemon and soda water.
Step 4: Garnish glass with mint leaves and a wedge of lime.

We’ve loved testing out our aquamamma  mocktails, it’s like sipping summer in a glass. And it means breastfeeding mums and ladies with bumps don’t have to miss out on kicking up their heels.

Here’s cheers to a happy and healthy pregnancy and beyond

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