9 ways to combat nappy rash for good

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Almost all babies get nappy rash at some point in their nappy-wearing days. Nappies get wet – that’s their job (especially in those newborn days).  And moisture plus friction is the recipe for nappy rash.

While regularly changing bub’s bottom certainly helps reduce the chance of irritation, it’s impossible to keep bub completely dry 24/7. So we asked the clever minds of the Mum’s Grapevine baby groups what they do when their tot’s tushie is looking a little red.

Here are the top nine natural solutions to help combat nappy rash as suggested by you.

1. Nappy-free time

The cheapest and easiest way to treat nappy rash is to take the nappy out of the equation. Give your bub a little air time au naturale. Without a nappy on, their skin is free to breathe, and their little bums get some dry time to heal. Just be prepared for little accidents.

“Bare bum time is the best, to be honest. When you change her bum put a towel under her and let her kick around for as long as you’re able, as often as you can.” – Jodie 

2. Keep balm and carry on

Nappy rash treatments natural moogoo nappy balm

A soothing balm can go a long way to calm angry skin and prevent further irritation. We love the always popular MooGoo Nappy Balm ($11.95). Made nut-oil free for peace of mind and packed with zinc and edible oils, it’s safe for all of your angel’s sensitive areas.

“Seriously, this stuff is amazing. I tried just about everything and then a mum’s group friend said to try MooGoo. It’s so beautiful on my baby’s skin and has helped soothed her red bum.” – Phillipa

3. Tub time

Who doesn’t love a good soak? And for your tot’s sore tush, it’s the same. Sprinkle in a little bi carb soda for some extra healing – it neutralizes acids, balances the body’s pH, and discourages the growth of nasties that cause infection.

“Water works wonders. Just by adding a little bi carb to the bath water I managed to get rid of my bub’s nappy rash and stop it coming back.” – Jane

4. Mother’s milk

Not breastfeeding baby bottle

We all know that breast is best, but the magical properties of breastmilk aren’t just nutritional, they’re also healing. After your next feed, express a little and rub it on your bub’s bot.

“If you breastfeed put the milk on a rag, lay it over the affected area, and leave the nappy off for 15 minutes. I do that every few hours.” – Debbie 

5. Oil’s well

Nappy rash treatments natural olive oil

Gently rubbing natural oils into your cherub’s cheeks gives them some relief from irritation as well keeping their skin hydrated and acting as a natural barrier to wetness. Olive oil and coconut oil are popular choices.

“I only used olive oil … nothing else. My Indian friend gave me the tip. My son had a smooth little bum.” – Elza 

6. Good egg

Try this one only if you’re confident your bubba doesn’t have an egg allergy. Next time you’re baking, separate an egg and use the egg white as an ointment for your little cupcake. Simply pat on their bottom and let dry before putting them back in their nappy.

“My mother-in-law told me about using egg white when the nappy rash is really bad. I was sceptical but it worked so well. This was when my son was older though, maybe 12 months or so. I was stunned by how well it worked. I only used it when there was nappy rash, not any other time as a preventative or anything.” – Kristy

7. Aloe, aloe!

Everyone knows how great aloe vera is if you’ve spent too long in the sun. It helps fight infection, and also reduces pain and inflammation. Pop into the garden, snap off a branch and apply to the irritated areas just like you would sunburnt skin.

“Squeeze the goo out of aloe vera plant!” – Jade 

8. Flour power

Nappy rash treatments natural corn flour  
A natural alternative to baby powder, corn flour helps keep your little one’s derriere dry without you worrying about them breathing in the fine particles that are found in talc.

“Corn flour! A light dusting = miracle worker.” – Lauren

9. Look for the cause

Nappy rash treatments natural
If your poor tot’s nappy rash persists despite treatment, you might need to look a little further. Try changing the brand of nappies or wipes you buy in case they’re irritating their sensitive skin. Or talk to your doctor because it may be a fungal infection or thrush that requires medical treatment.

“She may be allergic to the brand of nappy and also don’t let babysit in a spoiled nappy. Baby skin is reacting to something maybe even something she is eating. Consult your paediatrician.” – Darla 

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9 ways to combat nappy rash for good

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