How to make a tractor bed for little diggers

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Construction truck bed plans by Hammer Tree on Etsy

Does your child make you stop by a construction site so they can watch the diggers do their thing?  Drag them away with the promise of their own tractor bed at home so they can keep on truckin’ all day and night.

It’s a bed that Bob the Builder himself would be proud of. It’s your child’s very own tractor – without the noise and the dirt – and will make the cot-to-bed transition wheely fun!

If mum or dad is handy with a hammer, they can show off their own construction skills and create the ultimate handmade bed by following the instructions on the digital plan, which is available to buy and instantly download via Etsy.

DIY construction digger bed

Construction truck bed plans by Hammer Tree on Etsy

The completed front loader looks just like the real thing and sports hubcaps, a shelf for soft toy passengers and a space to display for all their bedtime stories about trucks, building and excavating (of course!).

The document contains step-by-step instructions and pictures to make and assemble the wooden bed. Talk about building yourself a bargain – there’s a strong chance you will be able to buy all the materials and still have change from $200.

Tractor Bed Plans

Construction tractor bed plan available from Etsy seller Hammer Tree ($40.60).

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