Cesarean hospital bag: 7 must-have items to pack if you’re having a c-section

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Packing c-section hospital bag

There are plenty of extensive lists out there for what to pack in your hospital bag including what you really need to pack in your hospital bag. But this list is the top must-have items that will make life a little easier if you have just had a cesarean.

Here are 7 things to pop into your hospital bag if you’re having a planned c-section.

1. Nightie

Baby Be Mine Maternity nightie

Whether you are PJ’s, undies or nightie kind of gal, after a cesarean the key objective is comfort. You don’t want anything clingy or tight, and you certainly don’t want anything over your wound. A nighty will give you that unrestricted, airy feel but still be functional so the midwifes can do their checks easily.

Something with straps that are easy to slide off or buttons down the front for breastfeeding and maximum skin on skin time with your bub is best. We like the pretty design of this one from Baby Be Mine Maternity ($52).

2. High-waisted undies

Modibodi high waisted undies for c-section

As with the nighty, high-waisted underwear that pull up and over your wound will be the most comfortable for you. Look for simple cotton undies and avoid the frilly/lacey numbers as they can catch or irritate your wound. These ones from ModiBodi (from $25) have the added protection of being leak-proof for extra confidence.

3. Peppermint tea

Love Tea Peppermint

The things they don’t tell you… after surgery, you may experience some bloating and/or gas. This is very normal but oh so uncomfortable. So pack some organic peppermint tea (from $11) to relieve your tummy.

4. Makeup and facial wipes

Milk & co facial wipes

Anything that prevents you from getting up every 5 seconds is definitely your friend. Pack some facial wipes ($9.95) so instead of getting up to wash your face, you can do it from the comfort of your bed.

5. Dry shampoo and a hairbrush

Dry Shampoo

People may think this is vain but you will thank us. You don’t need to be ready to walk the red carpet by any means, and if you are happy with au natural, you go mumma! But for those who just want a little freshen up for photos with their gorgeous new bub, a few essentials wouldn’t hurt. We’re talking tinted moisturiser, lip balm and a hairbrush. Done.

6. Slip-on shoes or slippers

The kind you don’t even have to look down let alone bend down to put on. Buckles or laces will be a no-go for a while. Your feet may also still be swollen so look for a pair that’s roomy. Fitflop have a huge selection to choose from.

7. Pillow

Luxury feather down pillow

Of course, the hospital will have pillows but sometimes having your own pillow can make all the difference. Perhaps a v-pillow to help prop you up or feed your beautiful bubba. Another hot tip is to hold a pillow gently over your stomach when you need to cough or sneeze. Makes it a little less painful.

Just remember, it’s all about comfort. You have just had major surgery so anything that makes it easier or a little less painful, means more time for you to breathe in that newborn smell.

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C-section hospital bag must-haves


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