Hunger busters: 50 healthy pregnancy snack ideas

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Healthy snack ideas for pregnant mums

Growing a teeny tiny person is hungry work so we’ve enlisted the help of Mum’s Grapevine resident foodie, nutritionist Mandy dos Santos, to put together a list of healthy snack ideas ravenous pregnant mumma’s can munch on and give their taste buds a boost.

From sweet treats to savoury eats, here’s a handy list of quick and healthy pregnancy snacks.

The key is to think about combining wholesome sources of carbohydrates and energy with the sustaining force of protein and or wholefood fats. This helps with alleviating spikes of sugar and lows of hangry-ness.

Bon appetite!

Sweet snack ideas for pregnancy

Baked Pear and Yogurt

Floating Kitchen

1. Apple and peanut butter doughnuts – 1 tbs of peanut butter between and 2 round slices of apple

2. Walnut ‘caramel’ – 5 dates and 5 walnuts eaten together

3. Cinnamon and honey on popcorn

4. Berry Nice Cream – ½ frozen banana and ½ cup of raspberries whizzed together

5. Crunchy yoghurt – ½ cup of yoghurt with 1 tbs of pepitas, 1 tsp of chia seeds and 1 tsp of honey

6. Chai tea with ¼ cup of frothed milk and ½ tsp of honey

7. Mini bircher muesli pots

8. Bananas dipped in yoghurt, rolled in coconut and frozen

9. Watermelon dipped in yoghurt

10. Corn crackers with cream cheese, honey and cinnamon

11. Corn crackers with peanut butter and banana

12. Grated carrot, sultanas and cream cheese in a wrap

13. Peanut butter celery sticks

14. Baked pear drizzled with yoghurt

15. Roasted cashew nuts sprinkled with cinnamon and maple syrup

16. Bowl of frozen blueberries with a dollop of yoghurt and buckwheat groats sprinkled over

17. Mini banana muffins

18. Mini pikelets with yoghurt and berries on top

19. Mini chia bircher pots with berries, oats, chia seeds and milk (no more than a tablespoon of chia seeds)

20. Homemade jelly with fresh juice, topped with Greek yoghurt

21. ½ a bagel with cream cheese, honey and crumbled pistachios

22. Cheese and grapes

23. Bliss balls made with a base of oats, coconut, dates and peanut butter

Savoury snack ideas for pregnancy

Avocado on toast pregnancy snack

24. 2 tbs of roasted beetroot dip and 10 crackers

25. 2 tbs of hummus and 10 crackers

26. Cheese and crackers

27. Cream cheese and avocado on a mini wrap with rocket

28. Corn crackers layered with tomatoes and drizzled with a little tahini

29. Corn cracker with avocado and cucumber

30. Ricotta and sliced apple on toast

31. Roasted sweet potato chunked drizzled with warmed tahini and sea salt.

32. Roast cauliflower dipped in dukkah

33. Roasted broccoli dipped in beetroot dip

34. Mini pot of warmed baked beans

35. Mini pizzas with veggies

36. Edamame beans

37. Avocado on toast with a squeeze of lemon

38. Boiled egg dipped in dukkah

39. Roasted chickpeas sprinkled with cinnamon and honey

40. Roasted potato with cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce

41. Veggie frittata bites

42. Pita bread chips with dip

43. Corn on the cob rubbed in butter and lime

44. A boiled egg with a vegemite spread mini wrap

45. Leftover Bolognese wrapped in a lettuce cup

46. Grilled halloumi and tomatoes on a Ryvita cracker

47. Babaganoush dip with pepitas on a grilled pita bread

48. Green smoothies

49. Guacamole with plain corn chips

50. Cucumber with hummus and chilli flakes


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Mandy dos Santosis a nutritionist, food scientist, author and mumma to three monkeys. Her kitchen is always messy with mini cooking experiments popping from every crevice. She adores everything about food and is passionate about nurturing the love of food in children and their families. You can find her at Little People Nutrition.

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