62 pieces of ‘I wish I knew this before I had my baby’ advice from mums

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Advice for new mums

The nine-month journey to motherhood may seem like a lifetime when you are just itching to meet your little one. But time flies and before you know it, your due date will be around the corner. No doubt, you want to be as prepared as possible.

Our incredibly supportive Mum’s Grapevine Facebook community have shared their best advice and insights for first-time mums.

Here are the best 62 pieces of advice for new mums from mums who’ve been their before.


Pre-portioned slow cooker meals

“I didn’t realise the importance of meal prep and having a fully stocked fridge and pantry” – Karly

“Prenatal yoga class was the most beneficial thing I did with my second pregnancy and helped hugely with my labour, contractions.” – Jasmin

“If you get offered Birthing and/or Breastfeeding courses, take them.” – Natasha

“Start wearing the maternity pads just before you are due in case your waters break in public.” – Lucy

“Get practical things instead of “pretty” things” – Megan

“You don’t need as much stuff as you think, and as long as you provide milk, clothes, blankets, car seat and a carrier – you’re good! Food, warmth, comfort, safety & love is all babies need.” – Alannah 

“Express colostrum in the last few weeks (of pregnancy).” – Jenna

“Research lactation consultants before bub arrives so you can follow up if needed.” – Nadine

“I did calm birthing and it was so helpful I was really prepared for birth after that course. Before I had no idea what to expect.” – Tiffany


“You may not have any ‘signs of labour’ leading up. My waters broke and it was go-time.” – Sammi

“It may not go how you planned.” – Leah

“Inductions don’t always take a long time! 40mins for me.” – Kylie

“Trust yourself and listen to your body. When I was crying from bad back pain the midwives tried to tell me it was just Braxton Hicks. Baby was born 3 hours later.” – Bridie

Natural birth

“Grab some Ural sachets and have a few a day in the first week. It makes your wee more alkaline so won’t sting.” – Chontelle

“No one told me you bleed for 4-6 weeks after until I was about halfway through. Stocked up on maternity pads.” – Mandy

Frozen condom in your undies to numb the pain after birth, use pads for breast pads as you can use the Sticky side to stick onto your bra.” – Christy

“Make sure you keep up the pear juice or Metamucil after bub is born, that first number 2 can sometimes be pretty unpleasant. Try to keep your fluids up so it’s as soft as possible.” – Kirsty

“Lots of prune juice after birth, helps with the first toilet movement and relieves pressure.” – Jessica

“Depends incontinence disposable undies are the best thing for your postpartum bleed! No leaks and easy to use.” – Jess

“I used the adult nappies for my last birth and I thought they were great no leaking at all and I felt I could sleep better as they were WAY more comfortable then mat pads.” – Imogen

“It takes just as long to recover from a vaginal birth as it does with a Caesar.” – Teagan


c-section clear drape c-section

“Get up and get moving even when you feel you can’t, I found moving my body (just walking) really helped.” – Stephanie

“I used compression shorts after my c-section. Made me feel more ‘held together’.” – Lesley

“(Pack) cough tablets. Often the hospitals have weird aircon, but coughing after a c-section is PAINFUL, so always have some just in case.” – Christine

“I assumed you wouldn’t bleed as much after a c section but guess that’s wrong.” – Elisha

“Stay Free pads as they are great for over c section incisions.” – Rebecca

Be kind to yourself

“Everything is just a phase. When it feels too hard and you feel alone you have to remember that you are not alone, it will get better and that it’s just a phase!” – Kristen

“Pre book a massage for a couple weeks later and have someone watch LO.” – Genna

“It’s okay to say no to people coming around if you’re not up to it or your baby is unsettled.” – Dannii

“It’s ok to walk outside and take a break if your baby is screaming and you can’t cope.” – Karlie

“Get some fresh air. Even if you are exhausted, go for a short walk around the block or sit in a park. It will make a difference to your day.” – Samantha


Coping with Leap 4 Sleep regression

“Babies don’t need baths every night.” – Dannii

“Nothing wrong with giving bub a dummy.” – Meegan

“Don’t make one of their first foods banana, it can make them constipated.” – Dannii

“Just because your EBF doesn’t mean your baby won’t get reflux.” – Rebecca

“Don’t hold your baby 24/7. They actually like playing on the ground/playmat.” – Jessica


Breastfeeding mum

“Your milk coming in can be painful as hell! I found it more painful than labour!” – Ebony

“Nipple shields! No one ever told me about these. I went through 6 weeks of jaw clenching pain before I discovered them and they changed my world!” – Tash

“If you need bub to unlatch don’t try and pull your nipple out, push the side of your nipple so it breaks the seal from the side of bubs mouth.” – Dannii

“If you choose to breastfeed you may experience after birth contractions each time you feed as your uterus contracts back to its pre-pregnancy size, which can be extremely painful.” – Jamie

“You will feel incredibly thirsty when breastfeeding so prepare a bottle of water next to you before you start.” – Tash

“Coat your nipples in the breastmilk before each feed so it’s not a dry latch & then after each feed & letting air dry- your milk is like magic healing cream.” – Karley

“Avoid coffee, chocolate and dairy at the start as it can make baby windy and stimulated” – Mon

“Pull out the underwire from your breastfeeding bra if it comes with one.” – Rachel

“Massaging your breast in a warm shower and cold compressions will help” – Jasmin

“Breast feeding killed, day 3 was thinking I can’t do this… sore bleeding crying my eyes out. But pushed through it and now a breeze.” – Genna

All the feels

Ergobaby hip safe swaddlers

“Baby blues is more common than you know or people admit. You’re not alone, ask for help, take breaks for yourself!” – Bel

“I always expected the overwhelming love at first sight. My husband got it. But I never did. It grew every day and I love her unconditionally.” – Georgia

“I wish someone had warned me how emotional I would feel once arriving home with my baby.” – Leah

You got this

mums to get free mental health checks post pregnancy

“You are doing a good job and that every baby is so very different. What may of worked for your friends baby won’t necessarily work for you.” – Nic

“There is no rulebook. We all make mistakes and we are all doing the best we can with the knowledge we have.” – Kate 

“There are so many parenting styles around do what works for you and your family. Take on board what you need and just smile and nod at the rest!” – Jess

“Have the confidence to stick by what you believe is the best for your baby.” – Cindy-Leigh

“Cuddle your baby as much as possible. You will blink and you have to fight them for a hug or a cuddle.” – Cindy-Leigh

“Enjoy it. They grow so quick. Take endless photos. Have fun with it all.” – Tegan

“Be present to your baby and enjoy every day as it comes, they grow up so fast!” – Nichola

“You are going to get lots of unsolicited advice some will be out of date and some will be a personal choice. Seek out the information you need from reliable current sources and make your own decision and don’t let others dictate to you.” – Renee

Sleepless Nights

Rest when baby rests for new mums

“Just enjoy your baby and don’t worry about the sleepless nights. They will be sleeping all the way through before you know it and you will be missing them being little and being able to fall asleep in your arms.” – Helen

“Accept that you will be tired.” – Michelle

“No sleep is really really hard, your mood will change, your personality will change, but you will get through it.” – Dannii

“Get as much sleep as you can before bub arrives!” – Nichol

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