How to tell when baby wants to play

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For the first few weeks of their lives, babies eat and sleep (and snuggle!). But as they emerge out of the newborn phase you’ll find they’re ready to add some play to their routine.

In between feeding and sleeping babies can have some play time, and they’ll let you know when they’re ready for fun. By watching for a few simple baby cues, you’ll get to learn just when your bub is ready to play.

How to tell when baby wants to play

While your tot can’t talk yet, they have so many other ways to let you know what they want. And once you know what to look for, deciphering baby cues is simple.

After a feed see if your baby is holding your eye contact and studying your face – these are both key signs that they’re ready to play. Smiling, babbling and reaching out to you are other ways they’ll let you know it’s time to sing a song or head down onto the floor for some playtime.

This video from Raising Children Network shows some examples of what to look for:

What can I play with my baby?

Babies may be little but they’re pocket rockets when it comes to play. Here are a few simple ways to enjoy playtime with your little fun-seeker:

  • Chat to your baby about what you’re doing
  • Hold them and have a dance
  • Play some music and tap on your bub’s tummy while you sing
  • Fill containers with rice and shake them

You’ll be amazing at how much more your baby can do every day, so keep adjusting playtime as they grow.

If you’re looking for play ideas, here are seven household items that a ready-made baby toys.

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