The Aldi nursery rocking chair is back

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Aldi nursery chair

Update 7/01/2019: The ever-popular, super hard-to-get Aldi Nursery Rocking Chair is back again.

The $199 rocking wonder is returning to Aldi stores on Wednesday, 16 January, 2019. It’s the same beauty that’s been available a couple of times before, and attracted a big mark-up resale price on eBay.

Mumma’s are you ready? The infamous Aldi Nursery Rocking Chair is back, and it’s on.

Sending expectant mums gah gah, the Aldi Special Buy notoriously sells out in minutes as women across the country scramble to get their hands on luxury and style for an insanely low price.

Well buckle up because Saturday 7 July, 2018 you can snap up this stunning nursery centrepiece for just $199. But you better be quick!

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The crowning jewel for any nursery, this sophisticated rocking chair mimics other high-end designs with its button tufted back and chic grey upholstery. And if you’re not into rocking and rolling, it comes with standard legs for a fully functional and supremely comfortable armchair.

Avoid baby brain disappointment.. set your alarm, harness that almighty mum determination and make sure you don’t miss out on this super deal.

Available next Saturday, July 7, 2018 from Aldi stores ($199).

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