Make: DIY baby wipes with only three ingredients

DIY Baby Wipe Ingredients

Baby wipes are the heavy lifters of nappy changes – small but mighty they clean and soothe little bots. And with three common ingredients from the kitchen, you can make your own.

Mum’s Grapevine Baby Group member Melinda Emile‎ shared her DIY baby wipes recipe that was passed on to her by her midwife. The wipes Melinda creates are soothing, moisturising and cheap. Here’s her recipe:


Chamomile tea
Olive oil
Good quality paper towels


Step 1: Make a large mug of chamomile tea and let it cool.

Step 2: Add two to three tablespoons of olive oil to cooled tea and mix as best as you can.

Step 3: Separate paper towel sheets, fold in half and place on top of each other in a medium-sized container.

Step 4: Spoon on the tea mixture so each sheet is moist but not drenched. It will all soak through once you have finished all the layers.

Note: If you leave them out for too long in a warm room they can go mouldy. I try to use them up in three to four days and store excess the in the fridge.

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