Happy Little People: A creative card game for baby’s first year

Happy Little People baby cards

Bonding with a newborn comes in so many forms, feeding, snuggling, staring into their precious eyes – and playing a cute new card game. Really.

A simple concept with a mountain of benefits for bubs, Happy Little People Activity Cards are a triumph for parents who want cues on how to connect with their tots.

Baby game cards

Each of the 52 cards has a creative game, designed to foster bonding with babies throughout their first year. The games are based on developmental milestones as babies navigate the busy first 12 months of life. Things like fine and gross motor skills, visual development and sensory play are all explored with each of the beautifully crafted cards.

Created by two mums, each card is carefully considered with activities that not only help bub but give mums and dads crucial bonding time. If you’ve ever wondered how on earth you can play with a tiny baby – these cards are for you.

Happy Little People baby game

The Happy Little People Activity Cards make a brilliant unique baby shower gift, and you can snap them up for a song as part of the Kickstarter campaign. A deck of Happy Little People cards is available for the special price of $21 plus $8 postage until the end of the campaign.