How to ‘predict’ when you’ll go into labour

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Predict Labour signs in late pregnancy

You’ve been counting down the months, the weeks and now the days until your little one arrives and every little twinge makes your heart skip a beat. Is today the big day?

While we don’t have a crystal ball to predict if today is bub’s birthday, there are a couple of fun ways to figure out which day you’re most likely to go into labour.

Labour Probability Calculator

Labour date predictor calculator

If you’re statistically and mathematically-minded, you’ll love the Labour Probability Calculator. Just type in your due date, and the calculator will work out the probability of you having the baby today, in the next three days, on the weekend or by this time next week.

There’s a really in-depth explanation of how the calculator comes up with its figures if you’re keen to give your mind a workout. Otherwise, you can simply work out the likelihood of having your baby in the next few days using the Labour Probability Calculator.

Labour Probability Chart

Because we like to keep things scientific, it’s worth also checking out the chart that claims it can predict when you’ll go into labour. It uses similar modelling to the calculator, so it’s worth doing both to see how similar the dates are. Just type your due date into the Labour Probability Chart and it will work out the rest!

If you’re looking for a more sure-fire way to tell your baby is on its way, have a read of our guide to telling the difference between Braxton Hicks and real contractions, or check out these early signs of labour.

How to predict going into labour

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