10 adorab-llama nursery decor items

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10 adora-llama nursery decor

The llama trend is one of the most adorable nursery decor movements we’ve ever seen – it’s cute, cuddly and fun. From plush toys and wall hangings to cot mobiles and bassinet blankets, there’s a touch of llama to amp up the cute-factor in any nursery.

Here are 10 of our favourite llama nursery decor items:

1. No llamas were harmed in the making of this adorable Custom Traditional Llama ($140)

2. A sweet little lass or lad Llama Plush Soft Toy to sit atop a bookshelf (about $60)

3. A gorgeous Llama Print designed and made in Australia ($29)

4. Fancy felt llamas that can be mixed and matched to make a nursery garland (about $15)

5. Llama Hoop Art for true llama lovers (about $34)

6. This little llama starts off life as nursery decor and becomes a little one’s comforter (about $32)

7. Handcrafted llama bookends for tiny bookworms (about $95)

8. Giddy up llama rocker! ($249)

9. Speaking of sleep, give the Moses basket a llama-inspired makeover with llama sheets ($24.95)

10. Leaping llamas, a cuter llama cushion we’ve yet to see! ($27.99)

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