Australian parents can now watch premmie babies through webcams

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NicView webcams view premature babies

Australian parents of premature babies are now able to watch their precious little ones on webcam, thanks to modern technology.

It’s the next-best-thing for mums and dads who ache to bring their tiny babies home and gives them round-the-clock access to simply stare in wonder at their bub.

Australian hospitals embracing neonatal webcams

premmie baby in humidicrib

Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital is the latest Australian facility to introduce the webcam technology. It allows parents to log in from home or work and see their babies. For parents who have babies in neonatal intensive care for several weeks or months, it means being able to juggle the demands of work and other children while staying connected to their premmie.

The $175,000 system was funded by donations and works by giving parents a secure login to view their child. They’re also able to share this login with family and friends so they can all check on bub’s progress. The live images can be accessed on any internet-accessible device.

The hope is that parents can continue bonding with their tiny babies, even when they can’t be by their bedside. It’s also a chance for extended family and friends to see the baby, without bringing any germs near vulnerable infants.

Last year, Newcastle’s John Hunter Hospital became the first in Australia to install the NicView video streaming technology. The hospital installed 42 cameras, which are mounted at each baby’s bedside.

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