12 unique ways to introduce baby to the world

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Unique baby birth announcements

Once you’ve emerged from the delicious newborn bubble, it’s time to let the world know your baby has arrived. From clever apps to super simple (but terribly cute) photography, birth announcements are an adorable way to celebrate the day your bub was born.

To help you with ideas for introducing your delicious bundle to the world, we’ve rounded up 11 of our favourite birth announcements.

Let them know with a letterboard

Letterboard birth announcement

Keep this one simple with a little introduction, or get a bigger letterboard so you can include all of the usual birth details. (via Letterfolk)

Wooden wonder

Zilvi wooden plaque birth announcement

A gorgeous wooden plaque that does double duty for birth announcements and nursery decor. (via Zilvi)

The object of my affection

Birth announcement objects

With a few simple objects, you can turn a newborn photo into a masterpiece announcement. (via Girlystan)

Read all about it

Unique baby birth announcements newspaper

Make sure you get someone to grab the paper on the day your bub is born. Then use this gorgeous idea to not only announce their arrival but always remember what made news on their birth day. (via Abbey Saxton Photography)

Sweet and simple

Hello world baby announcement

Two words say it all. (via Modern Burlap)

Keep it natural

Baby announcement flowers and leaves

A gathering of greenery for a natural and unique birth announcement. (via By Rosenhoff)

There’s an app for that

Baby birth announcement app

Actually, there are lots of apps to reveal your new bub to the world! All you need to do is take a pic of your newborn on a plain background with plenty of room around them to add cute details. (via Baby Pics App)

Stuck on you

Hello Sticker Birth Announcement idea

Have you ever seen a cuter sticker? (via Little And Luxe)

Nice to meet you

Simple words birth announcement

You’ll need a plain wall and a little Photoshop (or free app) skill to get this gorgeous announcement whipped up in a jiffy. (via NLCafe.hu)

Cute hospital card
Birth announcement using birth card

Place your newborn’s hospital card on their chest for a simple birth announcement that takes no effort at all. (via Kim Joyce Photography)

On the ball

Sport birth announcement

If you’re a sporty family use a piece of sporting equipment to give your announcement a truly personal feel. Footballs and cricket bats work well. (via A Thousand Words Photography)

Right on time

Newborn clock photography

An oversized clock, a tiny baby and the moment that time stood still. Perfect. (via Hannah Dixon)

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