8 tips for bathing a baby and toddler together

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How to bath a baby and a toddler

Soapy siblings getting squeaky clean together can be a challenge, especially when you’re own your own.  So we asked the Mum’s Grapevine community of been-there-done-that mums for their expert tips on getting the job done.

Here are eight expert tips for bathing a baby and toddler together.

Divide and conquer

If there are a couple of older children who also need to wash, make it easy by bathing the baby somewhere close by. The bathroom sink is the perfect place, or you pop a baby bath on the floor of the bathroom.

“I’ve bathed baby in the bathroom sink whilst the older two have a bath. Otherwise, I bath him in the kitchen whilst they’re having reading time or eating dinner/lunch.” – Natasha 

“My three-year-old has a shower and my three-week-old has a bath. The shower is so much easier then bath.” – Kelly

Foster independence

Depending on how old your toddler is, a shared bath is a learning experience. While your newborn needs you to hold and wash them, get your older kids to washing themselves.

“I am home by myself most nights as hubby is working. The only way I can get my little one bathed is with his big sister. They share a bath, one at each end. I stay with the baby washing him and my daughter washes herself (she’s 21 months). I take the little one out, dry and dress him and then my daughter gets out, dried and dressed.” – Jody  

Create a bathroom change station

Be prepared with everything you need to get both kids bathed and dressed, without having to leave the bathroom. A clever idea is to set up a change station near the bath so everything is on hand.

“My girl is nearly three. I keep a change table mat in the bathroom and one of the cupboards has nappies, cream, wipes etc.” – Kate 

Join in!

Why not kill three birds with one stone, and have your bath at the same time?! While this is much easier at the bathing stage, drying can be tricky. So have a baby towel with a hood ready for everyone, or have someone nearby to take the newborn while you dry yourself and the toddler.

“I bathe with them, me and toddler first, then Dad passed me newborn with a flannel over her back and I’ll put her on my chest. Or the three of us have a shower together. I only bathe newborn twice a week and toddler every other day though.” – Fay

Keep them separated

As much as your toddler wants to help wash their little sibling, there are times when you want to keep your kids apart. That’s when using a bath aid, or bath insert comes in handy.

“We have a smaller baby bath we put into the big bath.” – Fiona 


One in, one out

It takes some skill and patience, but one of the simplest ways to bath both kids at the same time is to take the ‘one in, both in, one out, both out’ approach. It’s a bit of juggling, but the tots have time together, while you’re able to get each dried and dressed without help.

“I bring the bouncer in and have bub’s towel on it ready. I get the older one in then put bub in. I wash bub while the big one plays, then get bub out, dried and dressed and on the bouncer. Then I wash bigger one and dry and dress.” – Kristie 

Get a helping hand

If there’s someone else home to help, enlist them in the bathtime wrangle. Having an extra pair of hands means there’s equal attention for both tots, and your toddler has a little extra time on their own for a splash once one parent takes the newborn out.

“We bath my five-year-old and newborn together. Dad holds bubba, when he is done our older one has her bath. She loves having her little brother in there. She will help wash him and talks to him. It’s great bonding for them.” – Nikita

Ditch the bath

A shower is a great option for getting both little ones clean at the same time. Just stay nice and close, or hop in yourself.

“We’ve always made the most of the shower with our eldest so we now put our five-year-old in the shower and hold the newborn over the top for a quick dip.” – Lucy

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