10 best pirate dolls for modern buccaneers

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10 best pirate dolls

Hoist the sail and heave-ho, we’re hitting the high seas for swashbuckling fun with our favourite pirate dolls and rattles. Little landlubbers are scrambling to part with their pieces of eight to get their little hands on the cutest, squeeziest mini pirate loot around.

Shiver me timbers young seadogs, feast your eyes on our favourite pirate dolls for modern buccaneers.

  1. Blimey, this stripey Alimrose Pirate Doll Rattle ($29.99) deserves a snuggle and a shake.
  2. No need to walk the plank with the larger than life Miann&Co Patrick Pirate Bunny ($75) at the helm.
  3. Hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail for an adventure with Jake Pirate Rag Doll ($55.50).
  4. The coolest pirate on the high seas the Jack Sparrow Doll ($69.40) needs copious amounts of cuddles. Savvy?
  5. A more ragtag bunch of pirate misfits we’re yet to meet, say hello to the Maileg Pirate, Mermaid, Captain, Ship & Shark Rattles (from $24.95 each).
  6. Not just any ship’s cat, the Pirate Tomcat Ragdoll ($39.90) is the cat’s whiskers.
  7. Shake, rattle and roll over every wave with the Nana Hutchy Pirate Baby Rattle ($18).
  8. Argh, me maties – you’re never alone when you have a Tiger Tribe Storytime Doll ($47.95).
  9. So gorgeous the Gold Frankincense Myrrh Bobby Pirate Doll ($176.95) belongs with all the other precious jewels in your little pirate’s hidden treasure.
  10. Let every seadog know when pirates are afoot with a Pirate Squeaker ($19.95).

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