4 heartpounding homebirth videos

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Heartpounding homebirth videos

There’s something truly magical about having a baby surrounded by all the things and the people you love most.

Here are seven homebirths that will make you cry, smile and want another baby in your arms immediately. Enjoy xx

Waterbirth at home

Nothing but pure emotion from start to finish, get this tissues out for this home waterbirth.

An emotional journey

A homebirth that takes you on a journey from disappointment, to joy, from gender reveal to every aching moment of birth. Just beautiful.

Unassisted freebirth

Just a birthing mumma, a dad with a GoPro and a bathtub. Kai’s parents released his placenta into the ocean 12 hours after he was born.

The great outdoors

Crickets chirping turns to birds singing as the calm, outdoors homebirth heads into the final stretch.

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