The Book of Everyone: A clever personalised book about you

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The Book of Everyone

Kiddos love anything with their name on it – but a whole book all about their little life? Well, that’s just genius.

The Book of Everyone is a personalised page-turner for the whole family. Marvel at the clever prose, insightful facts and funny bits and bobs, completely customised for a special somebody.

A time capsule of everything that was special and significant in the year the recipient was born, The Book of Everyone carefully captures memories and lays them out in beautifully curated pages. If you’re not nifty with design, you barely have to lift a finger – just type in the name, birth date and whether you’d like it for the age they are now, or for an upcoming birthday.

It takes mere moments to create a lifetime memory.

The Book of Everyone personalised books

The Book of Everyone

Personalised birthday book for kids

If you want more control of the creative in the book design process, there are plenty of opportunities to add more personal touches to the 50 pages. You can even add your own photos.

The amount of work and research that’s gone into each page is a credit to the writers, artists, designers and apparently kung fu masters that have pulled together the gem that is The Book of Everyone.

Also superb are the Aussie facts for Aussie kids – for example, you’ll see what Australian TV shows were popular the day your little nugget was born.

It’s hard not to fall head-over-heels for such a clever book, with all of its curious quirks and whimsical, witty writing.

Anita, Mum's Grapevine writer

Personalised book for kids

The Book of Everyone is a true reflection of the mind of a child – colourful, beautifully creative, comical and with just the right amount of whimsy.

Created online at The Book of Everyone (from $49.95).

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