Cold comfort: 5 ways to soothe a snotty tot

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How to clear a stuffy nose

Winter is well and truly upon us and that means cold and flu season is in full swing. And since your little one’s immune system is still getting up and running, your tyke is likely to get more than their fair share of runny noses and croaky coughs.

A stuffy nose and sore throat can make mini-me’s miserable. Unfortunately only time and rest will help them shake the common cold. But in the meantime, you can help make there snuffly time a little bit cheerier with our top five ways to comfort a tot with a cold.

A warm bowl of soup

Chicken Alphabet Soup

Chicken soup has been a natural go-to flu soother for centuries. But don’t dismiss it as an old wives tale – a little bowl of broth can go a long way to helping your baby bird feel more chirpy.

Aside from its warming goodness, the steam helps battle congestion and some studies have shown it can help relieve the development of cold symptoms. It’s also an easy way to get fluids and food into your tot and help build up their energy levels.

A soothing chest rub

We all remember lying in bed and having our own mum rub our chest when we were sick. Nothing made you feel better as you drifted off to sleep. Make your own family memories with Euky Bearub ($9.95), a natural eucalyptus chest rub that helps relieve the symptoms of colds so your tot can breathe easier and sleep better.

Created by an Aussie Dad in 1977, Euky Bearub is suitable for use from 12 months, is gentle on sensitive skin and will soothe and comfort baby bears for effective all night relief.

Tub time

Baby in bubble bath

A nasty cold can lead to a weary body. Like a big warm hug, a bubble bath can help take the aches away. The warm steam can also help with their breathing, and it’s a great chance to wash away all the crusty stuff from a runny nose that just sticks to everything. And your little fish will love the chance to splash about and have some fun, without you needing to worry about them wearing themselves out.

Vaporiser for the room

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser

Since your tyke likely hasn’t mastered the art of blowing their nose, breathing through a stuffed up schnoz can be a bit tricky. And that can really disrupt their much-needed sleep. Setting up a Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser ($69.95) in their room at night creates a soothing flow of warm steam to relieve congestion in their chest and nose and helps them breathe a little easier.

The warm steam also relaxes the throat muscles, loosens congestion, eases the cough reflex and soothes a sore dry, sore, irritated throat. You can even try adding soothing natural vapours of eucalyptus, rosemary and menthol for added comfort.

Take your time at bedtime

Euky Bearub chest rub cold relief

At the end of the day, your cranky bear might just need a bit more TLC than usual to drift off to dream time. Let the sleep routine slide for a night or two, and give them the extra comfort they need to settle. That might mean an extra book at bedtime, some bonus cuddles or even patting them to sleep.

The more rest they get, the sooner they’ll be back on their feet.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

The article is written in partnership with Euky Bear.

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