Meet Evie Carter, the cutie pie born with teeth

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Baby born with teeth

Most parents dread the drooly, fussy teething stage, but little Evie Carter has bypassed it altogether. The adorable NSW tot was born with two perfect little teeth, much to her parents’ surprise.

Mum Sarah Geerin, who ironically is a dental nurse, says her mum was the first to notice Evelyn’s little chompers.

“As soon as my little Evie was born my mum noticed straight away that she had two teeth,” Sarah told Mum’s Grapevine. “But they were mostly just the gum at that point, then the teeth popped through more each day. At first, it was a little strange but now at 11 days old I think it’s just gorgeous and makes her that much more special and unique.”

Newborn nashers

Newborn with teeth

Sarah and her partner Aaron took Evie to a paediatric dentist, to have her first check-up, as a newborn.

“The paediatric dentist told us that it was ultimately up to our doctor as to whether he felt they needed to come out as they are quite mobile which he was happy to leave them be and see how they go. If they do become too loose then we would consider having them taken out as she could possibly swallow them. But that would need to be done under general anaesthetic which we would love to avoid as she is still so little!”

“If they where to come out she would then have a big gap until her adult teeth come through which could pose some issues with spacing etc so at this point we are happy to leave them and keep a close eye on them as they are her actual baby teeth, and as she grows they will develop a proper root system and stabilise.”

Newborn teeth

Sarah, who is a member of the Mum’s Grapevine Due Date and Baby Groups, says it’s pretty rare for bubs to be born with teeth – it only occurs in about one in 3000 babies.

“Again even rarer for there to be two teeth, and then again even rarer for them to be actual baby teeth, most of the time they are what they call Epstein pearls which are little white lumps on the gums that disappear over time.”

The ouch-factor

But what about breastfeeding? Most mums would be dreading little baby teeth on sensitive nipples, but for Sarah the problem was Evie’s latch.

“Breastfeeding was quite difficult and we tried for three days in the hospital. We spent three hours with a lactation consultant and tried many different positions but Evie couldn’t get her tongue down in the right position to master the latch or the sucking reflex which was causing her to work far too hard trying to breathe. So we decided that it was best to bottle feed as she was at risk for developing ulcers under her tongue so it was quite painful for both myself and for her.”

Evie Carter born with two teeth

The mum-of-three has now settled into life with her unique newborn and her gorgeous little pearly whites.

“It definitely adds character to my beautiful girl and I don’t think she could get any cuter.” We completely agree!

Squiggly line

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