17 best divided plates for toddler meals

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Divided plates for no-touch toddler meals | Mum's Grapevine

Toddlers love to explore food – the texture squishing through their little fingers, and the smell of it smeared on their chubby cheeks. But some tots prefer their food to stay separate, thank you very much, and that’s perfectly ok too.

If your toddler can’t abide the broccoli trees touching the carrot soldiers, we’ve tracked down some fabulous divided plates to keep mealtime wars at bay.

Here are our favourite divided plates for no-touch toddler meals.

Bamboo wonder

Suki McMaster dining set divided plate

Suki McMaster ($39): Made from biodegradable bamboo fibre, here’s a divided plate that not only keeps food from touch but is super cute to boot (and dishwasher safe).

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Sensory delight

Pottery Barn Kids Elephant silicone divided plate

Silicone Elephant Shaped Plate (from $14): Gorgeous, hey? Made from heat-resistant silicone the adorable elephant plate keeps food creep at bay and protects your table. So there’s no need for a placemat.

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Stay put silicone


Silicone divided baby plate

ToyMyToy ($23.90): Easy clean, dishwasher safe and with a little secret underneath that will stop it sliding around on the table (or being thrown from the highchair!).

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Deep dish

Bobo&Boo Divided Bamboo PlateBobo&Boo Divided Bamboo Plate ($19.95): Deep walled for generous portions (and to stop food escaping) this beauty also has a handy drink holder. Clever!

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Keep a lid on it

Twistshake Divided Plate

Twistshake Divided Plate ($22.95): With its anti-slip bottom and smart lid, this Twistshake makes no-touch meals on-the-go a cinch.

Buy now from The Stork Nest

Steely meal

Innobaby Din Din Smart Stainless Divided PlatterInnobaby Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter ($34.65): Super clean stainless steel, coupled with a clever lid makes for swoon-worthy meals wherever you are.

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No meal drama llama

Skip Hop Llama Plate

Skip Hop Melamine Set ($19.95): Without a doubt the best way to stop mealtime drama – use a divided plate withe a cute llama. Problem solved.

Buy now from The Stork Nest


Replay Divided Plate

Replay Divided Plate ($5.95): Made from recycled milk jugs, each plate keeps three milk jugs from hitting the landfill pile. They’re also dishwasher safe and lightweight.

Buy now from Lime Tree Kids

Beary cute


WitnyStore Divided PlateWitnyStore Divided Plate ($68.12): A wooden wonder to delight and hopefully get the kiddos chomping down on dinner without fuss. Who wouldn’t want to help bear clear the food from his ears?

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Done by Deer

Done by Deer divided plate for kids

Done by Deer Plate Set ($81.25): Generous compartments for kids with big appetites, and a cosy little spot to keep a drink at hand.

Buy now from Danish by Design

All in place

Gelaika Placemat and Divided Kids Plate

Gelaika Placemat and Divided Kids Plate ($23.82): A placemat and divided plate in one – genius! A generous size to keep food where it should be, and it suctions onto tabletops for a no-spill bonus.

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Food play plate

Marcus & Marcus Amusemat

Marcus & Marcus Amusemat ($24.99): Letting tots play with their food is brilliant for their development, and the Amusemat is a little foodie playground. Perfect for little ones who need encouragement at mealtimes.

Buy now from Zuka Baby

Ready, set, eat!

FRED Dinner Winner

FRED Dinner Winner ($26.95): Winner, winner, chicken dinner! A little food in each section and kiddos can munch their way to the finish line for a sweet surprise!

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Cute compartments

Love Mae Bamboo Divided Plate

Love Mae Bamboo 5 Piece Set ($35): A dinnertime delight, the Love Mae divided plate is a calming influence at what can be a chaotic time of day.

Buy now from Love Mae

Lucky ducky!

Eco Kids Ducky PlateEco Kids Ducky Plate ($12.95): Eco-friendly and dishwasher safe, the adorable Ducky Plate is a bight and colourful way to keep food separate and tots entertained.

Buy now from SunnyLife

Dinner from the deep

Shark themed divided plate

Shark Theme Dinnerware Gift Set ($7): Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the dinner table! A visual delight and a simple, microwave-safe way to stop food touching.

Buy now from Kmart

What a hoot

Zanui Divided Owl Plate

Divided Melamine Plate ($16.95): Free from BPA, PVC and phthalates this bright little guy uses his wings to keep sauces and sides away from the main attraction.

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