10 adorable ways to say, “You’re going to be a grandparent”

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You're going to be a grandparent jigsaw puzzle

If you’re counting down the days till you tell your mum and dad that they’re going to be grandparents, we’ve got the perfect way to pass the time – prepare a brilliant grandparent pregnancy announcement.

Dropping your ultrasound image casually on the table while you’re having a cuppa is one way to do it, but we’ve found a whole bunch of creative moment-makers that will give your announcement all the feels.

Here are 10 adorable ways to tell your parents they’re going to be grandparents.


You're going to be grandparents booties

Pregnancy announcement booties: Simple and sweet, and something the grandparents-to-be can gaze at longingly for nine months.

Sweet slice of life

Grandparent announcement plate

Pregnancy announcement plate ($21.32): Serve up afternoon tea on an announcement plate and see how long it takes for the penny to drop!

You’ve been promoted!

You're going to be a grandparent printable

Printable pregnancy announcement ($3.11): A gorgeous, simple way to deliver beautiful news – congratulations grandma and grandpa!

Stir it up

Stamped spoon for pregnancy announcement ($25.59): Mum’s morning cuppa holds a sweet surprise and a lifelong keepsake.

Piece it together

You're going to be grandparents puzzle

Personalised puzzle ($22.90): Watch the new grandparent’s faces light up as they finally realise what the puzzle says.

Here’s cheers

Mugs to announce pregnancy to parents

Pregnancy reveal mugs (from $18): Coffee and cake with a side of ‘surprise!’ for the new grandparents.

Scratch here

Scratch and reveal grandparent pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy announcement scratch off card ($6.75): Who doesn’t love winning an amazing prize with a scratch and reveal?!

First outfit

Grandparent reveal onesie

You’re going to be grandparents bodysuit ($22.95): A teeny, tiny onesie will give the game away and make it all seem very real.

Crack it!

Crack the egg grandparent pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy announcement personalised egg box ($19.48): Super cute and very clever, each little egg holds a little reveal note like: “You will be an eggcellent Grandma”.

A little birdie told me …

Little birdie pregnancy announcement for grandparents

Pregnancy announcement matchbox ($28.42): Perfect for a crafty grandma – just unroll the bobbin for a cuter-than-cute surprise message.

If you want to remember the moment forever, make sure you feel your parents reactions – these videos of parents finding out they’re going to be grandparents are just beautiful.

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