Birth Story: Identical twin sisters due within a day of each other

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Twin sisters pregnancy

Identical twin sisters Katie Colling and Nicki Stephens have always been close, and now in an incredible coincidence, they’re due to give birth within a day of each other.

The Melbourne twins are both expecting boys in October, and admit they had a feeling they’d both be pregnant at the same time.

‘We’re pregnant!’

Twin sisters pregnant at same time

Katie and Nicki, both members of the Mum’s Grapevine Spring Due Group, got married last year and say they knew they wanted to start trying for babies straight away.

“Funnily enough, once we both went off the contraceptive pill our periods actually synced up to within a day of each other so we knew if we were to both try at the same time our due dates would be close,” Katie explained to Mum’s Grapevine.

“We were both just really lucky we fell pregnant on the first try. We always talked about having our kids around the same time, because we always liked the idea of them growing up close in age, we just never thought that they would be this close!”

Katie says she and her sister have always been very close, from childhood into impending motherhood. “We were always in the same class in school, had the same group of friends and both worked at the same Coles for our first job. We did do some things differently though, like sports or after-school activities but we have always remained close. Now being adults we are still pretty much the same, we see each other most days of the week, go to gym together and do grocery shopping together. We do have different jobs, I’m a nurse and Nicki is a teacher, but we call or text each other every day still.”

Double the joy, double the boys

Twin sisters pregnant at same time

Both 29-weeks pregnant, the pair is due on October 10th and 11th, and say this has by far been the biggest twin coincidence of their lives.

“We did both get married in the same year, but it was almost 12 months apart. Same with our engagements and buying houses, close but about a year’s difference. Our husbands actually get confused as brothers from time to time too! People often think we have married twins, but they were good friends before we met them as they went to school together.”

Katie and Nicki have shared many firsts together, but the sisters say going through pregnancy together has been the most amazing experience.

“It’s really been something very special. We both see the same obstetrician and are booked into the same hospital to have our boys so it’s been nice to compare notes and have someone going through the same experience. As we are so close it’s made our relationship even stronger and we both really look forward to sharing the challenges of motherhood together.

“Our mum is also over the moon about having two grandchildren at the same time. It’s our parents’ first grandchildren so they are very excited and for them, it’s like having twins all over again.”

The pair says they have compared baby names, and luckily have both chosen very different monikers for their little ones. We can’t wait to see if these little boys decide to arrive on the same day – we’ll keep you posted!

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