MKR’s Zana Pali and Gianni Romano welcome little ‘prince’

Zana and Gianni MKR baby boy

Former My Kitchen Rules stars Zana Pali and Gianni Romano have welcomed a bouncing baby boy.

The couple has been celebrating impending parenthood with lavish parties and creating a divine nursery for their son, named Leonardo Romano. Zana took to Instagram to show off her gorgeous little bundle of joy, dressed in a monogrammed beanie and personalised onesie, revealing he was born just hours ago.

The new mum gushed, “Welcome to the world little Prince. Gianni and I are incredibly blessed to introduce the newest addition to our family. Born 31st August 12:01am weighing a healthy 3.6 kilos. We love you so much already munchkin.”

Gianni and Zana's baby shower


In June Zana and Gianna hosted a fancy baby shower in Melbourne, complete with couture outfits and decadent food.

“I just wanted all my guests to be blown away and they all gasped when they walked in. It didn’t quite have the fanfare of the royal wedding but it was close enough,” Zana said of her opulent pre-bub celebration.

Leonardo Romano nursery

Zana Pali baby boy nursery

Earlier this month the excited parents showed off their ‘little prince’s’ perfect pastel nursery, complete with hot air balloons suspended from the ceiling.

Zana and Gianni MKR surprise birthday

Gianni has only just celebrated a milestone birthday, turning 30. Zana throwing a luxe surprise birthday party.

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