Keep bedsheets dry with the Mumdrop Milk Towel

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Milk drop let down towel

As amazing as they are, lactating breasts don’t come with an off switch, so when your milk comes in there’s every chance of waking up in a milky puddle.

Absorbing milk leaks is a cinch with the Mumdrop Milk Towel – a mum-invented fitted towel that keeps bedsheets and pyjamas dry.

In those first few weeks and months of breastfeeding, your milk makers are adjusting to baby’s feeding patterns. It means breasts often leak if there’s a long stretch between feeds, and the Mumdrop is a cosy way to avoid soggy sleeping quarters.

Wrap the absorbent towel around your breasts with the removable bedtime layer for dry nights. The snap-in layer is made from super soft microfleece that draws moisture away from skin, and it’s finished with a waterproof barrier to keep beds dry.

Not just for ending saturated sheets, the Mumdrop is the solution to the slippery after-shower, spray wherever they like milk jets. The warm shower often gets the milk flowing, leaving you to scramble madly to get dressed and stop the milk spraying the entire bathroom.

Simply wrap the Mumdrop around your breasts after stepping from the shower, then take your time getting ready. The towel keeps your mammaries supported and squirt-free.

The Mumdrop Milk Towel is available from Brolly Sheets ($49.95).

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