Rudie Nudie: making nappy-free time fun for all

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Rudie Nudie playmat for nappy-free time

Nappy-free time can be interesting, to say the least. While we know that time on their tummy is incredibly good for a baby’s physical development, the fear of spray-gate deters most parents when it comes to taking off the nappy. But we’ve found something to help – say hello to the Rudie Nudie playmat.

Rudie Nudie is a waterproof playmat with a super soft layer of 100% cotton on top. The genius playmat is machine washable, so there’s no need to pull out the dreaded towels or blankets once its wet.

Rudie Nudie playmat, waterproof and machine washable

Available in two contemporary designs; ‘Kiss Hug’ and the vibrant ‘Happy Now’. Rudie Nudie is all about baring the bot and making nappy-free time fun for everyone.

Available online from Rudie Nudie ($64.95)


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