Second trimester pregnancy symptoms

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Early pregnancy signs and symptoms

You’re finally able to wave goodbye to morning sickness (if you’re lucky) as you bid farewell to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. But hold onto your growing belly – there are lots more pregnancy symptoms headed your way.

That little bean of yours is now big enough so you can feel movements (nope, that wasn’t just gas) and your beautiful belly is really starting to hit its stride.

Second-trimester pregnancy symptoms

It’s all about growth this trimester – both for you and bub. That means your boobs, thighs, belly and bottom may all have a little more jiggle.

And as things begin to grow, everything inside you begins to shift and things like heartburn and breathlessness are on their way.

Baby movement – Finally! Somewhere towards the middle of your second trimester, you’ll begin feeling flutters deep in your belly. It truly is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Breathlessness – You may have already felt some breathlessness in the first trimester, and it’s very common in the second trimester too. Shortness of breath during pregnancy is called dyspnea or “air hunger” (you’re hungry for air). And although it may make you uncomfortable at times, it’s totally harmless.

Breast growth – While you may still be feeling some breast tenderness during the second trimester, it’s the increase in the size of your boobs that might just take you by surprise.

Bad, strange and erotic dreams – It’s really normal to have a host of strange dreams while pregnant, and these can range from the weird and wacky to the strange and sexy.

Heightened or lessened sex drive – Pregnancy hormones have a different effect on each woman – some may want more action between the sheets, while others can’t stand being touched. And both is perfectly normal.

Gum bleeding – Those pregnancy hormones strike again! Your gums might become inflamed, which causes them to bleed. It’s an important reminder to take extra care of your teeth during pregnancy.

Abdominal pain – At this stage, belly pain is most likely just your muscles adjusting to your growing baby.

Heartburn – The hormones that are relaxing your uterus are also relaxing the muscles that stop gastric acids from going back into your gullet, causing heartburn and reflux. There are a few things you can do to help ease the burn. Lots of mums-to-be say Fruit Tingles are a pregnancy heartburn secret weapon!

Stretch marks – If you’ve noticed red lines appearing on your belly, upper legs and breasts, you’re on your way to developing stretch marks. Or you may be lucky enough to have avoided them so far  – some say it’s genetics, others swear by certain products to keep stretch marks at bay.

Now that you know what’s happening to your body during the second trimester of pregnancy, it’s time to join an online pregnancy group and chat with other mums going through the exact same thing as you!

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