Yes it’s playdough. Yes you can eat it.

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Edible ice cream play dough recipe

No matter how many times you tell the tykes not to eat the play dough, somehow the salty, squishy substance always ends up getting a little nibble. Well, worry no more. We’ve found a delicious play dough recipe that looks just like ice cream and is completely edible.

It takes just two ingredients to whip up this delightfully sweet sensory delight. It’s just the ticket for pretend food play. You probably already have what you need in the pantry, so get out the ice cream scoops and bowls and get ready for some devilishly good edible play dough fun.

Edible ice cream playdough

Ice cream playdough you can eat

Soft and smelling heavenly, pre-made frosting and icing sugar is all that’s needed for this crafty creation. Use pink frosting for strawberry ice cream playdough, or go for chocolate if that’s a favourite flavour in your household. Of course, blue heaven is a winner too!

Two ingredient edible ice cream playdough

After you’ve made your ice cream play dough, use an ice cream scoop to make it look like the real deal. Fluffy and full of colour, you’ll probably have just as much fun as the kiddos. For the full recipe head to My Sister’s Suitcase.

Feature image: Smart School House

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